Sunday, May 31, 2015

Garden Hose Wreath

I'm so glad you could stop by today.
Please pour a cup of tea and take a 
comfortable chair.

I'm excited to show you
another fun piece I made and
donated to a silent auction fundraiser.

Image it hanging on a garden gate 
or potting shed.  Cute, huh?

Wish I'd taken a photo of it
hanging before donating it to the auction.
I assembled it in my laundry room
so it's laying on my washer here.

The hose itself is actually used.
A $2.00 estate sale purchase from
 an elderly gentleman who was moving
into an apartment.

I added a burlap ribbon 
with a pair of garden gloves purchased new
 and coffee stained to look well-used. 

I added a pod and twigs to the bow.

Next, two terracotta pots.
Craft paint dabbed around the edges make them
 appear time worn and crusted with salt.

I glued in some faux succulents.

and added vintage garden hand tools.

Love this little birdie.  
Isn't she sweet?  
She looks to be chirping a happy
song to welcome the season..
although, it has been a bit chilly again with
overnight temperatures dipping back into the 
high 30s and today's high reaching only
in the mid 60s.

Warm Hugs,

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Fairy Garden

I know a place 
where there is a garden

and in the garden there are fragrant  
brightly colored flowers

A white picket fence surrounds the garden

and in the middle of the fence
there is a white picket arched arbor,

and beneath the picket arch
 there is a pathway of brightly colored stones
leading into the garden.

And at the end of the colored stone path,
there sits a pretty little fairy tale-style cottage
with a blue roof and blue chimney.

They say a fairy lives in the 
pretty little fairy tale cottage 
tucked deep in the garden 
amongst the flowers and ferns.

They say she has golden hair
and wings the color of dew.

They say she loves to sit in the cottage garden 
and watch butterflies
 while she dreams the day away

Sometimes when she dreams too long,
you can see her if you tiptoe quietly
not to disturb her,
and peek through the picket arch.

She takes a long moment
to enjoy the warmth of the sun

seated on her white picket garden bench.

I hope you've enjoyed the tour
of my little fairy garden

which I created 
and donated
to a silent auction fundraiser.

Warm Hugs,

Joining the Party at
Share Your Cup

Friday, May 8, 2015

April Showers Bring May Flowers...

April Showers Bring May Flowers...

...that is the theme of 
my office tree this month.

To see how I made the little paper bunting,
go to my previous post here.

I made these little sprinkling cans
a previous year 
using paper cups and  Christmas icicles...

as well as fan-folded art paper 
umbrellas with pipe cleaner handles.

 I try to keep it fresh and interesting,
but it's sometimes a challenge to continually
come up with something new,
not that anyone but me 
is keeping track. 

So I've pulled some things from storage
then added something new this year--
that being the bunting. 

Our patients seem the 
enjoy the tree in our waiting room.
Returning patients
have commented to me that
they look forward to
seeing how the tree will be decorated
the next time they come in.

To see how I've decorated this tree
for other months of the year click here 
or click the Tree of the Month tab 
under my header at the top of this page.

Hope all is well with you this Spring

Warm Hugs,

Monday, May 4, 2015

It's Morel Mushroom Time!!

online photo

It was steak and mushroom
night tonight.

arrived home from work to 
find my sweet Mr. frying up a mess
of morels, Yum!

He's trying a different batter recipe
tonight and deep frying them in hot oil. 

He had a little batter left over
so he even fried up a few pickles.

Then went out to put the steaks on the grill.

Upon returning and removing the
mushrooms and thermometer
from the pan of oil,

this is what he found.....

It was clear we would be having
steak without  mushrooms tonight.


We can't take the chance
that someone may ingest even the smallest
remnant of glass.

We'll have to wait for this delicacy
until after another mushroom hunt.

How do you enjoy morels?
I'd love to hear how  You prepare them.

Warm Hugs,