Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Fairy Garden

I know a place 
where there is a garden

and in the garden there are fragrant  
brightly colored flowers

A white picket fence surrounds the garden

and in the middle of the fence
there is a white picket arched arbor,

and beneath the picket arch
 there is a pathway of brightly colored stones
leading into the garden.

And at the end of the colored stone path,
there sits a pretty little fairy tale-style cottage
with a blue roof and blue chimney.

They say a fairy lives in the 
pretty little fairy tale cottage 
tucked deep in the garden 
amongst the flowers and ferns.

They say she has golden hair
and wings the color of dew.

They say she loves to sit in the cottage garden 
and watch butterflies
 while she dreams the day away

Sometimes when she dreams too long,
you can see her if you tiptoe quietly
not to disturb her,
and peek through the picket arch.

She takes a long moment
to enjoy the warmth of the sun

seated on her white picket garden bench.

I hope you've enjoyed the tour
of my little fairy garden

which I created 
and donated
to a silent auction fundraiser.

Warm Hugs,

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Friday, May 8, 2015

April Showers Bring May Flowers...

April Showers Bring May Flowers...

...that is the theme of 
my office tree this month.

To see how I made the little paper bunting,
go to my previous post here.

I made these little sprinkling cans
a previous year 
using paper cups and  Christmas icicles...

as well as fan-folded art paper 
umbrellas with pipe cleaner handles.

 I try to keep it fresh and interesting,
but it's sometimes a challenge to continually
come up with something new,
not that anyone but me 
is keeping track. 

So I've pulled some things from storage
then added something new this year--
that being the bunting. 

Our patients seem the 
enjoy the tree in our waiting room.
Returning patients
have commented to me that
they look forward to
seeing how the tree will be decorated
the next time they come in.

To see how I've decorated this tree
for other months of the year click here 
or click the Tree of the Month tab 
under my header at the top of this page.

Hope all is well with you this Spring

Warm Hugs,

Monday, May 4, 2015

It's Morel Mushroom Time!!

online photo

It was steak and mushroom
night tonight.

arrived home from work to 
find my sweet Mr. frying up a mess
of morels, Yum!

He's trying a different batter recipe
tonight and deep frying them in hot oil. 

He had a little batter left over
so he even fried up a few pickles.

Then went out to put the steaks on the grill.

Upon returning and removing the
mushrooms and thermometer
from the pan of oil,

this is what he found.....

It was clear we would be having
steak without  mushrooms tonight.


We can't take the chance
that someone may ingest even the smallest
remnant of glass.

We'll have to wait for this delicacy
until after another mushroom hunt.

How do you enjoy morels?
I'd love to hear how  You prepare them.

Warm Hugs,

Saturday, April 18, 2015

My Paper Flag Bunting for Spring

I think it's safe to say now that
Spring has "finally" Sprung!!

Outside temperatures have been rising 
and I love hearing the birds chirping and singing
when I go out in the morning
in contrast to the dark sleepy silent winter mornings
of the last several months.

...and we've had a few of those 
"April Showers"  recently.

I was inspired to try my hand at
making a flag bunting.  I see them everywhere now.
There are so many online for any number of

So here goes....

 First I cut flags from art paper.
I chose the square shape rather than triangles.

Packets like this make choosing
coordinating or complementary patterns easy.

I wanted to put words on my flags
and  wanted something 
to make the words stand out.

I thought of plain white square labels.
But then thought paper doilies would be reeaally cute.

Thinking 4 inch doilies may be too big
for my little flags. I began searching online
to see where I could purchase doilies smaller
than 4 inches in diameter.
Then I thought why not just use an image
of a doily.
So I found an image online and added my text.

I edited out the black background to save on ink.

After printing I cut out each doilie with a 
decorative (pinking type) scissor
then just glued the doilies onto my flags.

I had some dollarstore clothesline 
on hand from a previous project.

Folded the flag over the clothesline
and taped into place.


Happy Spring to you all.

To see where I hung this bunting,
click here.

You can find me at these parties:

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Warm Hugs,

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter

Wishing all my 
lovely Followers and their families
a Blessed Easter holiday weekend.

Warmest Easter Hugs,


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I Catered a Desserts Bar

With the help of 
my daughter and my husband
(and a couple of recipes found on Pinterest)
my first catering event 
was a huge success!

Here's what was on the menu...

(click on the photo for a larger view)


Monday, February 23, 2015

Salmon Patties 2 Ways

To make my Salmon patties...

From a sleeve of saltine soup crackers,
crunch 10 individual cracker squares into a mixing bowl.

Add 1 egg

Add a little finely chopped onion--approx 1 - 2 teaspoonsful
depending on how much you like onion
I feel it really does need at least a little onion so as not to 
taste too bland.

Fork beat the above 'til blended.

Then, again with your fork, 
stir in 1 can ready-to-eat Salmon
which you've drained and flaked with a fork 
and have removed or mashed
 any of the soft precooked bones.

If too dry to stick together 
you could add a small amount (1-2 tablespoons) of milk.

Shape into patties
I always shape by hand,
but my husband likes to use the press
so they're all uniform.

Press just enough that the pattie sticks together.

Smashing and squeezing it too much
will make a hard compact pattie.
Likewise you don't want to smash the patties down
with your spatula while cooking.

You want the patties to be as light as possible,
they might actually rise slightly as they cook in the pan.

Pour a circle of olive oil into the pan 
as it is heating and spread it out,
use just enough oil to keep the patties from sticking.
Oops, I may have a little too much here
as I was trying to snap the photo as I
was pouring.  
You really don't want to "deep fry" the patties, LOL. 

Cook covered on medium - med high heat.
I don't actually time them but since the
salmon is already cooked and ready to serve,
all  you really need to do is heat through enough
to cook the egg. So it seems like they
are done in a jiffy.

Turn once when the undersides are golden brown.

Hint: I find if they are not browned enough

they will stick and break apart
making it very difficult to turn.

When they are ready to turn they will 

slide very easily onto the spatula
unless of course your pan is too hot 
causing them to burn.

We love these served on hamburger buns
(I actually prefer Flat Rounds)
with lettuce and tomato;
and the "gotta have" for this is a
dollop of Dill Weed Veggie Dip spread on the bun.  
Salmon and dill is a great combination!!

Of course the classic way to serve is 
with creamed peas.

If you prefer, this recipe works well 
to bake in a loaf pan.

When you're short on time,
the patties work perfectly.


Click here for another recipe......Fish Wrap

Warm Hug,