Friday, November 21, 2014

The Decorated Thanksgiving Tree

To my burlap and leaf Fall tree
I've added the
Thanksgiving elements
from my previous posts
and here.

The turkeys I cut from paper plates,

The cornucopias
I constructed from placemats,

The little fabric pumpkin pies

And the very special thing about this
tree is that I've invited those
visiting our office to
tell us what they are thankful for
by writing on a leaf and then
 hanging it on the tree.

I'm get so excited when I
find a new leaf on the tree.

Such beautiful sentiments...

Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving
to  you all.

Warm Hugs,

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pumpkin Pie Ornaments for the Decorated Thanksgiving Tree

Welcome back, 
thank you for "staying tuned"
for the follow-up to my
previous post here.

Today I'm showing you my 
Pumpkin Pie Thanksgiving Tree Ornaments.

I spent a whole dollar for a 6 pack of 5 inch foil pie tins
similar to these (mine weren't the deep kind,
nor did they come with lids).

I scoured our local super-center fabrics section and
decided on two fabrics that I
thought came close in color to pumpkin pie and
pie crust.

I like the little pattern on the pumpkin fabric, 
it gives it some interest.

I traced around the foil tin and cut it
a bit smaller in dimension.

I scrunched up a single plastic shopping bag
you know the ones...
I have a seemingly  endless supply of them...
and why waste fiber-fil when you can use
something that costs nothing.

Then ran a line of hot glue around the foil
tin and laid the "pumpkin" fabric in place.

Now for the crust.

After some trial and error, I found this to be
the easiest (and maybe the laziest, because 
there was no sewing involved).
Nevertheless, I cut a long narrow piece of
the pie crust colored fabric.

Twist two fuzzy stick pipe cleaners together
and roll them up into the fabric.
Shaped it into a long zig zag
and hot glue it around the edge of the foil tin.

There, all finished.

Mmmm....  I'm getting hungry already,
I can't wait for that Thanksgiving pumpkin pie.
Why do we only make it once a year????

Check back soon, 
I'll show you the Decorated Thanksgiving Tree
in my next post.

And I've added a little extra something
to this particular tree.

Until then,

Sunday, November 16, 2014

My Handcrafted Ornaments for the Thanksgiving Tree

When Halloween is over
some like to go
straight to Christmas.

But for me it's still a little early.

It's no wonder people complain of 
getting sick of hearing Christmas music 
when they start the day
after Halloween.

I like to observe Thanksgiving.
Fall leaf garlands and burlap
that gave way to Halloween decor
have gone back on my tree.

What says Thanksgiving more than
turkey and pumpkin pie!

Then there are pilgrims, cornucopias...

oh...and I saw these 
Indian corn on Pinterest
aren't they the cutest!?


Let me show you what I've been working
on to add the Thanksgiving element
to my office tree.

First I went to the Dollar Store and
purchased a package of paper party plates.
There were several with a turkey theme.
I chose this one....
I love everything about this turkey,
the shape, size, colors.

So, I just cut them out,
 punched a hole,
inserted a wire hanger 
and voile....instant tree ornament
...and 8 for $1.19 
what a deal!

They had to have some texture,
that woven look.
Oh... I know!
 one of those round placemats

I cut it into wedges like a pie.
Then to prevent fraying of the cut threads,
 I ran a line of hot glue along the edges.

I planned to curl the wedge into a cone.
But to get the narrow end to turn up like
a cornucopia I first applied another
line of hot glue and laid down a
piece of wire so it would be able to
hold it's shape.

So here's one after it's been rolled into
a cone, the seam along the top secured with
more hot glue 
and then shaped with the narrow end turned up.

A piece of foil leaf wire 
and a little glittered pumpkin

are just the finishing touches.

I love how they turned out!!

Perfect little tree ornaments for the 
Thanksgiving Season.

In my next post 
I'll share my
pumpkin pie ornaments.

Stay tuned....

Update:  See my next post here
to see how I made the pumpkin pie ornaments.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Thank You Favor

I came up with this idea
for a little thank you favor
when the folks
 in my office recently
went above and beyond 
to celebrate my birthday.

Not one person neglected to wish
me a Happy Birthday.

Showering me with cards, flowers,
home baked goodies and
they even took up a collection
for a very generous gift.

To say thank you I typed up my
thank you message,

punched a hole in the corner and 
tied a little bow
of  1/8 " green ribbon.

Notice the play on words
in the line that says
it "Mint" (meant) alot....

I taped my thank you message
to a fun size box of
Junior Mints (get it).

Careful not to 
leave any one out
each was labeled with a name
of a coworker.

I boxed them all up and took them to

and delivered to each work space.

Just a fun way to say
"Thank You" that
can be used for any occasion.


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Little Witch Altered Shoe

Hello, I'm so glad you could stop by today.
I've just put the kettle on to heat for tea.

Let me show you what I've been up to lately.

I started by printing off a copy
of an antique photo of
a little girl in period dress.

I glued her onto a piece of black foam board.
and cut her out with my Exact-o-knife.

She is wearing a hat with a wide brim
so I added a long narrow black cone to the back of her
head to represent a witch's hat.

I fashioned a little broom for her to hold
 from a toothpick and some colored grass
cut from a floral pick.

I stood her up in a little girl's
 black patent leather shoe
purchased at a resale shop.

A glittery pumpkin
and silk leaf are tucked into
the back of the shoe.

I cut the band off a 
plastic bat ring
and hot glued it to a black wire
so that it appears to follow along above
the "little witch".

A little glittery orange tulle
and some black and silver garland
finishes it off.

All set for scaring up a Happy Halloween.

I hear the kettle whistling... time for tea.
Won't you pour a cup and stay awhile to look around.

Please leave a comment so I can return the visit.

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Betty Jean