Sunday, October 26, 2014

Little Witch Altered Shoe

Hello, I'm so glad you could stop by today.
I've just put the kettle on to heat for tea.

Let me show you what I've been up to lately.

I started by printing off a copy
of an antique photo of
a little girl in period dress.

I glued her onto a piece of black foam board.
and cut her out with my Exact-o-knife.

She is wearing a hat with a wide brim
so I added a long narrow black cone to the back of her
head to represent a witch's hat.

I fashioned a little broom for her to hold
 from a toothpick and some colored grass
cut from a floral pick.

I stood her up in a little girl's
 black patent leather shoe
purchased at a resale shop.

A glittery pumpkin
and silk leaf are tucked into
the back of the shoe.

I cut the band off a 
plastic bat ring
and hot glued it to a black wire
so that it appears to follow along above
the "little witch".

A little glittery orange tulle
and some black and silver garland
finishes it off.

All set for scaring up a Happy Halloween.

I hear the kettle whistling... time for tea.
Won't you pour a cup and stay awhile to look around.

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and HomeWorks Creative Party

Betty Jean

Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween Decorated Tree

As you may know,
in the office where I work
we have a white Christmas tree
that we  I decorate for all occasions
year around.

As always, I purchase some
things to hang on the tree
but I enjoy crafting
many of the decorations myself.

I love to wander craft supply stores
with their seemingly endless
aisles of crafty decor, 
supplies and creative inspiration.

I just found out about this site, ,
a new site where you can buy gift cards
 to....yeeess, craft stores
and other stores at a discounted price.
You can also
 sell unwanted cards you may
have received as a gift from some well-intending
someone, but you know you'll never actually use it
for whatever reason.

This is a win/win situation!!!
Who doesn't love to save and make money?

You can see more here

To appeal to  all ages, I decorate
a "friendly" tree, 
no blood and gore, that's just not me,
and, we have a few little ones visit our office
from time to time, so
 for Halloween  we don't want to make things
too scary.

Traditional little jack-o-lantern pumpkin 
treat baskets,

mummy treat baskets

and the paper honeycomb pumpkins

all give a vintage feel 
and remind "grown-up kids"
of their own trick-or-treating days of yesteryear.

Also traditional, 
bats, black cats and witches. 

These are felt which I purchased,
but could easily be handmade cut from
either stiff felt or card stock.

I also hung little green glittered shoes
I purchased on discount after last Christmas season.
Not exactly "witches" shoes but 
I think you get the idea.
 I liked that it added a different color to the 
tree decor getting away from too much
orange and black.

Now for my handmade decorations.

Candy corn,
cut from three colors of craft foam sheets
and glued together, easy peasy!!

Haunted Houses
also hand cut from craft foam sheets 
using a Exacto-knife.

Spiders... these are my favorite...
made from "fuzzy sticks" pipe cleaners,
two sizes of pompoms for their body,
and very tiny pompoms for the eyes 

Use 4 fuzzy sticks for the legs.
Just hold them together side by side with ends even
and give a twist in the center to connect.
Now you have 8 legs.
Then bend each leg, forming sharp corners
for "knees and feet" and
spread the legs out from each other a little.

To form the body and head,
hot glue a larger and smaller pompom together,
use two tiny pompoms for eyes.
Then hot glue the body onto where
the legs are twisted together.

Cute as spiders go, 
don't you agree?!

Spider webs
made from more black "fuzzy sticks"

and purple "glitter sticks" pipe cleaners.

Start out the same as with the spider legs
but using just use 3 pipe cleaners.
Give a twist in the center to connect
and spread out to form 6 spokes
or a pie shape.
Then twist and connect smaller
sections of pipe cleaner between
the spokes and shape.
It doesn't have to be perfect....
it's a spider web.

The tree is topped off with a black hat
and orange glittery tulle bow.

 how the tree lights  shine through the 
sheer fabric of the hat/bow.

Now don't forget to check out


A dollar saved is
a dollar earned
for spending on craft supplies, haha....

Happy Halloween to all.

go craft something

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pumpkin Carving

My daughter has discovered
she has a talent for
pumpkin carving!

Take a look...

Here's how it looks 
without the light inside...

And, in honor of a
four legged
member of our family...

Can you see what it is?

Yes, of course, a Dachshund!!

I think she did a super job
with her much patience!!

Thank you for stopping in for a visit,
I hope you enjoyed the pumpkins.

Please leave a comment, I'd love to
return the visit.

Have you carved any pumpkins yet?
If you post about it, let me know & I'd be happy to 
include a link at the bottom of this post.

Happy Halloween

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fall Decorated Tree

Here's a quick post 
to show my office tree
decorated for fall.

"Minimalistic "
 with just a wide (5 inch?) burlap ribbon.
and several  (6?) garlands of silk leaves
each one measuring 5 foot in length.

 With a few sparcely placed
scarecrow ornaments I picked up
at a dollar store.

And to top it all off
a loopy bow made from a
leaf-patterned wired ribbon.

I looove the simplicity of it,

and how the colors of the natural burlap 
and the leaves 
in shades of orange & red
stand out against the white tree!

Happy Fall Y' All !

Monday, September 22, 2014

Soda Pop Festival

The Soda Pop Tasting Festival
was new to me.

A fun family-oriented afternoon
with music, food vendors, magic acts and
bouncy houses for the kids.

But of course the soda was the main attraction.

Volunteers stationed in 3 large tents
at the ready to pour
sodas for your tasting pleasure.

100 sodas to taste.

After sampling and giving the thumbs up,
or thumbs down, you could put together
your own 6 or 12 pack for purchase.

I gravitated to the fruity flavors,
limey Green River... creme...

Root Beer has always been one of my favorites
and there were several different brands
to taste and compare.

I also tried Chocolate Soda, yum :)

and my least favorite was
sorry,  for me bacon was a thumbs down.

I hope the Soda Pop Tasting Festival
makes its way to your town
sometime soon, maybe you'll find a 
new favorite.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Cupcake Tower Tea Party

Welcome to another Tea Party

Today I'm serving

on a three tier stand I've created
from glass cake stands 
stacked on top of a
large spinning lazy susan style  
silver relish tray base.

I've baked up seven (7)
different flavors of cakes
for your enjoyment.

Set in pretty
shabby style cupcake liners.

Here are the strawberry cakes
with fresh strawberries whipped
into a buttercreme frosting
set in a Wilton pink tulip liner....

My chocolate Reeses peanut butter cakes
with chocolate fudge and
peanut butter frostings
garnished with a piece of a Reeses PB cup...

These are set in a black damask printed liner.

Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting of course
and identified by
the little carrot I've piped on top...

The carrot cake cupcakes are set in
orange cupcake liners and then
a lace collar made from a
10 inch paper lace doily.
See how to make these lace collars

Betty Crocker makes the best
orange cake I've found
called Orangecicle.

I piped a flower on top of these
with an orange buttercreme
to which fresh orange zest was added
for a truly fresh flavor.

Then I added a little sparkle with
a sprinkle of yellow sugar.

The orange cakes are set in a 
pretty shabby green and polka dot

I decided to offer a little something
other than cake as well,


the same recipe as a large cheesecake
but made into individual servings
with some graham cracker crust
spooned into the bottom of the cupcake cup
and topped with the cheesecake batter.

When cooled garnished with a spoonful of
canned cherry pie filling and a
dollop of creme cheese frosting piped along side.

Pineapple upside-down cupcakes...

turned out beautifully
much better than my last attempt here.

I wish I could find the post where I
learned how to cook the pineapple rings
in the brown sugar butter syrup and
then lay them on top of the cupcake
rather than bake them in the bottom
of the cupcake cup.  

This works a thousand times better.

If this was your post please contact
me so I can give you credit.

Lastly, the cake I am most proud of,
my Spumoni cakes

set in a purple tulip petal liner
and frosted with a pretty pistachio green
frosting to which a box of instant pistachio
pudding was added,

these cakes are made in three layers
bottom- milk chocolate cake with Nutella Hazelnut spread
center- cherry chip cake with chopped maraschino cherries
top- white cake tinted green, flavored with almond extract 

Garnished with a sprinkle of chopped salted pistachios.

Which will you choose,

Oh, go ahead,
have another...

I'm so glad you could come today,
I do so love your comments, and would
like to return the visit.

Please stop back soon.

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