Sunday, September 23, 2018

Book Page Wreath

Taking inspiration from Robin's Happy at Home blog HERE ,
I started with Mod Podge and covered my wreath form with book pages.

I purchased a 4" x 6 3/4" paperback from a dollar store.  
Removed the cover and tore the pages in half.
Then started gluing.... 
I crumpled each half page to give it more texture before positioning it over
the end of a sharpee marker.  (I found a pencil to be to small to work with.) 
Added a dab of glue and stuck it onto the wreath form.

Loving how it turned out!!
Happy Fall Y'All

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Faux Leather Eye Spell Book Halloween Prop

Began with a book from the Dollar Store.
Bulked up the spine with a piece of paper towel tube.
Added more detail by applying a couple beads of hot glue.

Applied paper towel with decoupage glue
making sure to create lots wrinkles for texture.
Allowed to dry overnight.
Brushed on a light coat of Gesso.
 I didn't have black gesso, so used my white Gesso
After dry,  painted with black acrylic paint.

Applied a sticky eyeball.
Then created the eyelids around the eyeball with
more paper towel and decoupage glue.

Repeat the Gesso, black acrylic paint steps.

Then began dry-brushing the entire book with
brown acrylic paint.

Love Love Loooove all the textures.

Embellished and Done!

If you enjoyed this quick photo tutorial, please leave a comment.

Have a Hauntingly Happy Halloween!!!


Monday, July 3, 2017

A Woodland Animal Themed Diaper Cake

Puttin' together a Woodland Animals themed diaper cake for
a new Baby Boy!
Pour yourself a cup of tea and follow along.

Tuckin' in a few little extras...

             Bright yellow baby washcloths.  
I've rolled them up together.  Just popped out
one of the rolled diapers and in it's place, tuck in the 
roll of washcloths.

            A striped Onesie is tucked in here right next to the cutest little skunk on the paper border.

            A couple of soft knit stocking hats rolled and placed here...

            Socks to keep those little baby piggies all snugglie.

More socks and a bib with the woodland fox.

          LOVE this fox lotion dispenser...

       He makes a cute cake topper!

So glad to have come across this super soft stuffed fox.  
He should go well with the nursery decor.

All wrapped up and ready to meet the new baby!!

The new grand-nephew 

So glad you could join me today. 

I hope you've enjoyed watching how this diaper cake gift came together.


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Livingood's Backroads Barn Sale this Saturday!!

I will be participating as a vendor at the Livingood's Barn Sale with some of my vintage wares. I'm thinking spring and garden so will be taking along some pieces of garden decor, planters, etc. as well as some of my crafty pieces like this ...

My vintage garden hose wreath
looks so cute on a garden gate or shed.  
See another related post here.

My handmade chicken wire cloches.

My refurbished garden chairs, because who doesn't love Flamingos?!

See you at the Barn. 😁😁
I can hardly wait!!