Sunday, November 14, 2010

Handmade Christmas Ornaments

My daughter and I were admiring the Christmas displays in a department store last week when we saw this paper and tinsel bird ornament. This was our inspiration piece for some items we will donate to the Christmas Room at our Annual Church Bazaar which is held every November. Of course we will be baking cookies and maybe make some candy as well. This year is the 70th year for our Church Bazaar!
I thought sheet music would be perfect for our bird, so off to the resale shop.
And this is what we came up with.


We decided to glam it up a bit, So we bought sparkly lacey ribbons, glittered holly berries and vintage styled buttons to decorate more birds.
If you will notice, our inspiration bird was a cardinal with the little crest on its head.
We added tinsel "feathers" to our bird's head to make a partridge as in "a partridge in a pear tree". We loved the look so much we made all the rest into partridges.

We also made a star.......

And then more birds.......

If you're interested in making some of these, 
I'd love to know about it,
please leave me a comment below.  
I'd like to feature you in an upcoming post!!

I drew this bird freehand, but I've found an 
online pattern you could use as a template here.

When at the resale shop I also found a book of Christmas music.
 The text was green and the lettering old world style. 
I thought it was so beautiful, I had to frame it. 
So I cut out a little piece of "Away in a Manger" 
and put it in this little 3" square frame 
that I think will look adorable on a tree.
 I decoupaged the song title onto the top of the frame.
 I would love it if I could find a teeny tiny little nativity scene 
to glue right onto the glass in the bottom righthand corner.

I think the music looks so lovely I will use some larger frames and frame larger portions or whole pages of other Christmas songs to set on a table.

My daughter and I had so much fun making these we don't want to stop.
I'm joining the fun at

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Oops! I Did It Again..........

I have a weakness for vintage china with all its pretty floral decoration.
I recently spied this set of vintage china in a resale shop and just HAD to buy it. I have pieces from four different sets of vintage china that I keep adding to all the time, as well as a few coffee/dessert sets.
This set is marked Taylor Smith Taylor. The pieces are gold rimmed, and decorated with a pretty blue band with gold scrolls encircling clusters of little pink & blue flowers and yellow centered daisies connecting wispy garlands of greenery.

This set is incomplete as well.
There are many dinner plates and saucers, a small oval serving dish with underplate or platter.
Four little cereal or sauce bowls.

And just ONE cup.....what a shame, I simply MUST go hunting for more pieces. LOL

Oh, and there is a lovely covered two-handle casserole dish that will look nice along side my tureen collection!

Hmmm...........I wonder if there was a teapot made in this pattern?