Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wedding Cake Mosaic

Since my hours at work have increased, 
many of my projects have been put on hold. 

But I wanted to share a wedding cake 
that I made a couple of weekends ago 
for a friend of the family. 

This bride requested the cake be frosted chocolate 
rather than the traditional white. 

She stayed away from alot of heavy 
frosting garlands and borders. 

Instead, she requested ribbon be 
wrapped around the bottom of each tier--

royal blue (the color of her bridemaids dresses) 
set against a wider white ribbon 
made the color pop. 

Fresh wild flowers, 
to match the brides bouquet, 
were arranged between the center cake tiers,

 as well as the cake topper bouquet,

was made of deep blue delphiniums, 
orange miniature orchids & zinnias
  and white chrysanthemums (chosen instead of 
daisies as it was felt they were a hardier flower 
and would hold up better). 

The bridemaids carried bundles of deep orange gladiolas, 

so to incorporate this to the cake table, petals from the glads were sprinkled randomly -encircling the cake.

I'm linking to Red House for my first Mosaic Monday post.