Saturday, January 2, 2016

See What I Won in the Giveaway!!!!

Today I'm Featuring
Karen's " Todolwen old to new"  Blog.

Back in August I was notified that my name had been
drawn for her Annual "Christmas to Come Giveaway".
See Karen's post  here.

For those of you that don't know Karen, 
she is such a talented lady and creates the loveliest,
most wonderful things.

When the package arrived in the mail before Christmas
I placed it under my tree.
I must confess, I peeked just a little.

A lovely hand stamped paper with 
gorgeous seam binding ribbon

to which pretty glittered snowflakes 
and punched tag was attached
with Karen's personal message 
handwritten on the back.

Inside I found this exquisitely crafted poinsettia stocking.
I'd read about these on Karen's earlier blog posts,
and had seen the kits for sale in her Etsy shop.
Such a treasure to now own one made by Karen herself.

More beautiful flowing seam binding was attached as a
hanger loop,

large pearls decorated the center of
the hand-stitched petals

I'm so sorry my pictures don't do justice.

I've recently been fighting my camera 
and just this week it died completely.  
It seems I should have asked Santa for a new one.

Spilling out of the stocking came several 
small hand stamped tissue paper packages.

Inside these were 

a little linen tree on a snowflake hanger

Karen, did you crochet these tiny little flowers with the gold bead centers??

Next were painted metal stars and snowflakes

A length of sparkling tinsel 
tied with more seam binding, just magical.

All in all, such a lovely assortment of findings.

Additionally, Karen asked me 
to choose two tutorials from her 
Etsy shop and she emailed these to me 
as part of the Giveaway!!!  
I chose the Sheet Music Poinsettia
and the Wee Velveteen Rabbit, sweet little bunny!!

Thank you so much Karen for allowing me to participate 
in your Giveaway.  
And I think I speak for everyone 
who reads yourTodolwen blog when I say 
thank you for sharing your creations.  
You have such an eye for taking a 
beautiful old cast off 
and highlighting it in something new
to be admired.
May you be healthy and prosperous in this New Year.

To my readers,
be sure to visit and follow Karen's blog here...

and her Etsy Shop here...

you will be soooo glad you did!!!!!!!!

Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year to Everyone,


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