Monday, October 22, 2012

Hersheys Kiss Acorns are a Sweet Fall Treat

These little candy acorns
are the cutest thing for Fall.
We had a bake sale fundraiser at work this week.
I chose not to "bake".
 Instead, I donated something a little different...
Hershey Kiss Acorns
Ingredients list:
Nutter Butter Bites-- twist each one apart
Hershey Kiss-- unwrapped
Pretzel--  break off a little piece for an acorn stem
Reeses Peanut Butter baking chips--  melt about 1/3 cup on HI in the microwave and use as "glue" for constructing the acorns.
I found resting them on a cooling rack works well while the melted chip "glue" sets.
Of course, placing in the refrigerator will speed the set up time.
I packaged three to a small bag.
And then dressed them up a bit
using some fall leaves purchased at a dollar store
I pierced a hole using an awl
threaded a piece of jute twine through the leaf
gathered the bag and tied it closed.
They were a big hit at the fundraiser!

Hope you're having a pleasant Fall.
Warm Hugs,

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Autumn on Parade in Oregon IL

Come along won't you

we're on our way to

We walked up and down the street lined with food venders.

It was a difficult decision with sooo many choices, but we each finally settled on something for lunch...
for me it was a baked potato with sour cream and chives. My sweet Mr. chose the ribeye sandwich,
my daughters, pizza. 

Then of course we couldn't pass up
some apple cider donuts, kettle corn and
the famous apple fritters baked up
fresh throughout the day by some church ladies.
We look forward to these the whole year. 

We head back to the lawn chairs we had placed earlier to watch the parade.

A Stilt walking fairy and scarecrow...


this guy walked, rode
and did stunts on his giant wheely thing

lots of marching bands kept everybody's toes tapping... 

 the Jesse White Tumblers are always a favorite...

 not sure what this was but it sure went fast,
zipping up and down the street

( oops!     shhhhhhh.....a young woman seated on a blanket on the ground
in front of where we were sitting

 has a wardrobe malfunction.... )

yikes!!!!  don't let this happen to you

After the parade we went on
 to tour the approx. 150  crafters and others

which lined the streets around the town square

gorgeous fall flowers

and  fall produce for sale as well

these Sweet Dumpling Squash are a favorite at our house;
we had to buy a few to have on hand for baking up 
during the fall season ....

the day is over all too soon,
time to go home

my feet thank me...

do you have  Fall Fest where you live?
Warm Hugs