Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Christmas Craft Show

Hope you enjoy these photos from a recent
Christmas Craft Show
I participated in.......
 my little skier snowman

here he is with
more of his snowman friends
before I dressed him
in his art paper cone hat and scarf...
We made it a mom and daughter event.
My daughter baked up a storm
with her perfectly decorated cookies...

caramel corn
and individual sized bags of English Toffee candy

More of my snowmen
and some Christmas Tree cookies

My wire armed snowmen on pedestals
were there too...
and Santa snowmen
in little red Santa boots...
glittery book trees...
glittery scenes under glass ...
miniature vintage perfume bottles...
A few "vintique" treasures
decorated for the season,
like this antique shutter
perfectly rustic/ primitive with its
timeworn original green paint...
a child's wooden vintage runner sled...
vintage funeral baskets overflowing with holiday spirit...
Hope you enjoyed coming to the show with us.
If you are interested in purchasing
one of my snowmen please contact me
as I have several left over
but just haven't posted them
in my Etsy store as yet.