Thursday, November 12, 2015

Vintage Christmas Items for Sale

I'm offering this collectible
Santa Hot Chocolate Pitcher/Jug
for sale on My Ebay(the link is found on my sidebar)

Isn't he just the Cutest?

Now SOLD, Thank You

I have a few more vintage Christmas
items I plan to list over the next week
as well as more vintage vanity 
such as perfumers and 
some beautiful vintage 1950's& 60's ladies hats.

Hope you can stop by,

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Happy Fall Y'All

Mmm, Fall, 
my most Favorite time of year!!!

Love the crisp mornings 
and the cooler daytime temps.

Time to add some of those 
 rich golden harvest colors to my
home decor.

click any photo to enlarge

I can't wait for the leaves
 to turn colors.

I love to hear the rustle and 
crunch when I walk in the fallen leaves.

And I love how they smell;
so earthy and fresh.


Have you visited an apple or pumpkin farm yet???

I'm looking forward to taking a trip there
in the next upcoming weekends.

I've yet to get my usual pumpkins,

corn stalks and big straw bale to
decorate the entry and front yard.
Then I'll get my scarecrows out of storage
and string up some orange lights.

Oooo, apple cider donuts!

and who knew Casey's has the absolute
best pumpkin donuts with cream cheese icing!

Next weekend is the annual

Autumn on Parade in Oregon Illinois
I'll be there shopping the 200 or so crafters' booths
and of course Sunday is Parade Day.
We always look forward to the Jesse White
Tumblers and the South Shore Drill Team performers.

But we have to get there before the

Oregon Methodist Church Ladies run out of their
famous Apple Fritters, YUM!

After strolling through hundreds of

crafters' booths on a sunny but cool fall day ..
Sitting back along the parade route, amidst the sights, sounds and vendors with their kettle corn, pizza, nachos,
brats, tacos, pork chop sandwiches and more...

 the parade going by... marching bands, shouts and cheers, sirens...

Munchin' on Piping hot fritters rolled in powdered sugar

all sticky and gooey and finger lickin' good,

...Oh, ya!!!!  I'll be there!


Monday, August 3, 2015

Happy National Watermelon Day!!

Did  you know today is National Watermelon Day?

Doesn't that look good?

I'm still trying to learn how to pick the
perfect watermelon...bright red and sweet.

Do you have any tips you'd like to share?

I love summer foods...

We've had corn on the cob a few times
since the 4th of July. 
To this farm girl there's nothing better than
fresh picked...
I have memories spending entire days 
of preparing corn to put in the freezer
with my mom and sisters.
My dad would bring it up from the field
by the bushels and we'd sit outside
in the heat peeling corn. 
Then in to the kitchen where it was just
as hot due to two or more stock pots of
corn boiling away on the stovetop.
Then all the cutting off of the cobs,
cooling and bagging.
I sure was worth it though 
to have fresh tasty corn until the next
harvest season.

And garden ripened tomatoes
there is no comparison to the hard,
crunchy tasteless ones you find at the supermarket...

cucumber pickles...

something from the grill...


What kind of summer meals
do you enjoy?


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Estate Sale Find and a Recipe

Hi, thanks for stopping over.

You're just in time for tea!
Ice tea? or would you prefer lemonade?
Lets sit on the screen porch.

It's a little warm today but there's a breeze
which makes it comfortable.

I made a recipe new to me and I L-O-V-E it!
It's chef Tyler Florence's recipe called
Lemon Pudding Cake found online here.

You just mix it up and bake in ramekins. 
It creates the pudding layer 
all by itself while it bakes.
It's like Magic!!!!
and So yummy served warm.

Now I want to show you my latest
estate sale find.  

This Lefton Bluebird Cookie Jar.
Isn't she adorable?

I've made her available for sale on my ebay site here.

This Bluebird cookie jar is now SOLD, as is
the sweet little sugar bowl of the same pattern.  
Thank You!  

I'm so glad you could join me for 
tea and dessert today.

Please stop back soon.

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Baby Shower Hot Air Balloon

Hello and thank you for coming today.
I'm always glad to have you join me for tea.
I've made up a big pitcher of 
ice tea today as the weather has been
uncomfortably hot and muggy
these past few days.
So let me pour you a glass with a slice of lemon.

I 'm excited to show you a
little hot air balloon I put together
this week.

So sorry I didn't take any "before" pictures.

But the basic elements are 
a honeycomb party ball and a little basket.
The one I used here is a woven 
basket made from something that looks
like a heavy  fabric ribbon.

The ball is suspended by 
hot gluing a small dowel rod in each
of the four corners of the basket and 
then hot gluing to the honeycomb ball.
I covered the wooden dowel rod
with a decorative art paper before 
attaching to the the basket and ball.

I knotted together a little net made from
1/8 inch ribbon to lay over the top
of the balloon and let the long ends of 
the ribbon hang down.

I wrapped a 1 inch ribbon around the 
circumference  and decorated it with paper flags.

Then I tucked a few baby items
in the basket....
a baby onesie, packet of wipes, a bib,
a teether, a soft book (see Cookie Monster on the cover)
and then perched a little brown bear
on top.

I incorporated two pairs of tiny baby socks
by stuffing one sock into each
little "sandbag" (which were really
organza drawstring bags) tied to 
the wooden dowels at each of the four 
corners of the basket.

This was a fun project and very versatile, it
could be used for any age birthday, wedding shower, etc.

I hope you enjoyed your visit today 
and will stop back very soon.

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Warm Hugs,

Monday, June 22, 2015

July 4th Patriotic Pie

This Patriotic Pie
is perfect for a July Tea Party.

Just roll out your favorite pie crust recipe
to fit a rectangle baking dish so that
it turns up all four sides about one inch
to hold the pie filling.

Spoon in canned pie filling.
Blueberry Pie Filling in a small rectangle 
in the upper left corner. 
Fill in the rest with Cherry Pie Filling.

Roll out remaining pie crust into approx.1/2 inch
strips, cut 6 stars with a small cookie cutter.

Position stars in the blueberry section.
Twist and place strips across the cherry.

Bake according to pie recipe instructions.

When cool, carefully spoon a vanilla icing glaze onto 
pie crust strips and stars. 


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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Garden Hose Wreath

I'm so glad you could stop by today.
Please pour a cup of tea and take a 
comfortable chair.

I'm excited to show you
another fun piece I made and
donated to a silent auction fundraiser.

Image it hanging on a garden gate 
or potting shed.  Cute, huh?

Wish I'd taken a photo of it
hanging before donating it to the auction.
I assembled it in my laundry room
so it's laying on my washer here.

The hose itself is actually used.
A $2.00 estate sale purchase from
 an elderly gentleman who was moving
into an apartment.

I added a burlap ribbon 
with a pair of garden gloves purchased new
 and coffee stained to look well-used. 

I added a pod and twigs to the bow.

Next, two terracotta pots.
Craft paint dabbed around the edges make them
 appear time worn and crusted with salt.

I glued in some faux succulents.

and added vintage garden hand tools.

Love this little birdie.  
Isn't she sweet?  
She looks to be chirping a happy
song to welcome the season..
although, it has been a bit chilly again with
overnight temperatures dipping back into the 
high 30s and today's high reaching only
in the mid 60s.

Warm Hugs,

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Fairy Garden

I know a place 
where there is a garden

and in the garden there are fragrant  
brightly colored flowers

A white picket fence surrounds the garden

and in the middle of the fence
there is a white picket arched arbor,

and beneath the picket arch
 there is a pathway of brightly colored stones
leading into the garden.

And at the end of the colored stone path,
there sits a pretty little fairy tale-style cottage
with a blue roof and blue chimney.

They say a fairy lives in the 
pretty little fairy tale cottage 
tucked deep in the garden 
amongst the flowers and ferns.

They say she has golden hair
and wings the color of dew.

They say she loves to sit in the cottage garden 
and watch butterflies
 while she dreams the day away

Sometimes when she dreams too long,
you can see her if you tiptoe quietly
not to disturb her,
and peek through the picket arch.

She takes a long moment
to enjoy the warmth of the sun

seated on her white picket garden bench.

I hope you've enjoyed the tour
of my little fairy garden

which I created 
and donated
to a silent auction fundraiser.

Warm Hugs,

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