Sunday, September 27, 2015

Happy Fall Y'All

Mmm, Fall, 
my most Favorite time of year!!!

Love the crisp mornings 
and the cooler daytime temps.

Time to add some of those 
 rich golden harvest colors to my
home decor.

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I can't wait for the leaves
 to turn colors.

I love to hear the rustle and 
crunch when I walk in the fallen leaves.

And I love how they smell;
so earthy and fresh.


Have you visited an apple or pumpkin farm yet???

I'm looking forward to taking a trip there
in the next upcoming weekends.

I've yet to get my usual pumpkins,

corn stalks and big straw bale to
decorate the entry and front yard.
Then I'll get my scarecrows out of storage
and string up some orange lights.

Oooo, apple cider donuts!

and who knew Casey's has the absolute
best pumpkin donuts with cream cheese icing!

Next weekend is the annual

Autumn on Parade in Oregon Illinois
I'll be there shopping the 200 or so crafters' booths
and of course Sunday is Parade Day.
We always look forward to the Jesse White
Tumblers and the South Shore Drill Team performers.

But we have to get there before the

Oregon Methodist Church Ladies run out of their
famous Apple Fritters, YUM!

After strolling through hundreds of

crafters' booths on a sunny but cool fall day ..
Sitting back along the parade route, amidst the sights, sounds and vendors with their kettle corn, pizza, nachos,
brats, tacos, pork chop sandwiches and more...

 the parade going by... marching bands, shouts and cheers, sirens...

Munchin' on Piping hot fritters rolled in powdered sugar

all sticky and gooey and finger lickin' good,

...Oh, ya!!!!  I'll be there!


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  1. Wow, these fall decorations are heart touching. I love everything!! Thanks for the inspirations my friend. This year’s fall event at the best event space Chicago was also very impressive from decoration point of views. I had used most of those ideas in my fall family holiday party.


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