Monday, October 22, 2012

Hersheys Kiss Acorns are a Sweet Fall Treat

These little candy acorns
are the cutest thing for Fall.
We had a bake sale fundraiser at work this week.
I chose not to "bake".
 Instead, I donated something a little different...
Hershey Kiss Acorns
Ingredients list:
Nutter Butter Bites-- twist each one apart
Hershey Kiss-- unwrapped
Pretzel--  break off a little piece for an acorn stem
Reeses Peanut Butter baking chips--  melt about 1/3 cup on HI in the microwave and use as "glue" for constructing the acorns.
I found resting them on a cooling rack works well while the melted chip "glue" sets.
Of course, placing in the refrigerator will speed the set up time.
I packaged three to a small bag.
And then dressed them up a bit
using some fall leaves purchased at a dollar store
I pierced a hole using an awl
threaded a piece of jute twine through the leaf
gathered the bag and tied it closed.
They were a big hit at the fundraiser!

Hope you're having a pleasant Fall.
Warm Hugs,

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