Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Pedestal Snowman Project

My inspiration came from here
Page 76
They used clay....
I used styrofoam
with gloved hands and drywall joint compound

I covered the styrofoam balls

just smear it on
then let the joint compound dry thoroughly 
paint with acrylic craft paints and let dry
brush on a little decoupage glue and apply glitter to the upper half of the "snowballs"
add buttons...


wire arms...

 vintage style snowman face with
 a little styrofoam bump glued on for a nose...

a tall narrow cone hat
as pictured in the inspiration photo

I chose to glue my snowman to a
pedestal  (small chrome candle holder)

I love how he turned out !!!

I'm off to make a few more for our upcoming
Annual Church Bazaar.
Go here to see a different snowman I made
 for last year's Bazaar.
Warm Hugs,


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