Sunday, November 18, 2012

More Pedestal Snowmen

Meet my trio of snowmen.
Dressed in their hats and scarves
they stare in wonder and anxious anticipation
 as they wait to
go to the Church Bazaar.
It will be a day filled with lots
hustling, bustling of shoppers.
The sounds of laughter and conversation
mixed with
Christmas music playing in the background.
The mouthwatering aroma
of something delicious wafting  from the
adjoining banquet room.
Some will stop to admire the trio,
picking them up and repositioning them on the table.
Who will fall in love with each of them
to give them a new home
or think they will be "the perfect gift" for
someone on their Christmas list.

Although a bit larger in size and
standing in a slightly taller pedestal,
Mr. Green looks very
similar to...
...Mr. Blue 
from my previous post here
Then there is the man in the Red hat.
Mr. Red is the smallest
of the three
but in my opinion has the biggest personality.

He is dressed in a white scarf,

has jingle bell buttons
 and wears a black belt
around his middle bump.
He has a little jingle bell
on the
curly tip of
his hat.
He is positioned on a very familiar style of
red boot.
With a little pile of glittery "white stuff " on the toe.

Before the end of the day,
I'm happy to report they each found a new
home where they will be well-loved
and displayed in a place of honor.


Warm Hugs for the Holidays,

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