Saturday, October 16, 2010

Owl Bag Topper Tutorial

If you're looking for cute packaging for Fall gift giving, cookies, popcorn balls, etc. Look no further.
I've seen owl bag toppers attached to plastic sandwich type bags.
My version uses a brown paper lunch bag! This is a nice size for bigger portions.
An appealing way to package your goods if you're participating in a Fall Bazaar, etc.
Here's how......

I'm using white paper here just so it shows up better, but you'll want to use brown or black construction paper. Fold and cut in half lengthwise. You will only use one half sheet for each owl head. This should be about the same width as a paper lunch bag.

Then fold it top to bottom and then side to side like a greeting card.

Now cut curves as shown on the open sides,
leaving the folded sides uncut.

Then when you open it you have the basic head or face of the owl.
It is still folded at the top.

Fold the top of a lunch bag over approx. 2 - 3 inches and line up the folds of the bag and the owl head.
Glue into place.

It should look like this with a front and back head and the bag is still able to open.

Next you want to cut several pairs of circles. If you don't have a template, just look around the kitchen for things you can trace around like little lids, measuring cups, etc.

You will need:

2 circles cut from black construction paper 4cm dia. for the center of the eye
2 circles cut from white construction paper 5cm dia. white around center of the eye
2 circles cut from light brown or orange 6 1/2cm dia. for the outer eye
1 circle cut from dark brown 5cm dia.
this circle you then fold in half then cut the folded side with a slight curve for 2 eyelids

The eyes with the light brown outer edge looks like this.........

The eyes with the orange outer edges look like this..........

The eyelids add alot of personality.........

I saw another version where the outer eye cirles were cut scalloped and that was very cute, but I just snipped around here before adding the eyelids to make them a little ruffled looking.

Fold over a little bit of orange construction paper and cut a beak shape, then glue into place.
An open beak adds more personality.

Try folding it at an angle before gluing.

Hint: Another way you can add personality is when you glue the head to the bag, fold the top of the bag slightly uneven and this will make your owl look like it has it's head tilted.

Finally, I added little three-toed feet to my bag.........

I think he turned out pretty cute.
His head is actually a darker brown than the lunch bag body but this contrast doesn't show up very well in my pics. :o(

Now just fill with goodies!

I can't help thinking the face would be so adorable made out of felt and used as an applique, or, made into a child's purse or something along those lines.


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