Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Design Challenge at Common Ground

Debra over at Common Ground has begun a new party called
Design Challenge.
Click on the blog name above to hop on over to offer your design suggestions. Or, click the button on my sidebar to read what Design Challenge is all about.

This weeks challenge is to help Dianne decorate her Living Room.
Dianne has submitted photos of her space and some furniture pieces she has that may be incorporated into the space.

 After studying her photos I had an idea of what shape her space may be. Then I went to 
Better Homes and Gardens Arrange-A-Room.
It's so much fun!
First select the room shape, then drag and drop furniture pieces into the room.

Diane has some cute shabby pieces including a buffet (would need to be painted), dining chairs, desk, end/lamp table, mirrors, etc..

In one of the photos I got a glimpse of a chandelier just outside the kitchen door, so I placed a table directly underneith (I don't know if Dianne has another room she uses for a dining space).

In my design, her desk will multi-function as a desk and a sofa table as I placed it behind the sofa.

Here's what it looks like......

maybe Dianne would prefer a square area rug.....

Here, I've flip-flopped the furnishings to the opposite side of the room and added a chair next to the TV. 
Does it seem more inviting this way,
or is it too lopsided /unbalanced with all of the bulk along the long wall???......

Sign on to BHG and try Arrange-A-Room,
 I could spend hours there.
See you at Common Ground for the next Design Challenge.



  1. H Betty Jean, so nice to meet you, and WOW, how sweet are you? Thanks so much for this super post about Design Challenge! I just added that BHG. site onto my favorites. so fun! Thanks so much for the work you did for Dianne! I'll email her and tell her to come visit your blog. (she doesn't have one).
    xoxo Debra

  2. I am enjoying following along with the Design Challenges. Thanks for introducing us to the BHG's tool and for visiting today.


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