Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Isn't She Beautiful?

My Sweet Mr. "picked her up"  ;) 
at an estate auction over the weekend.

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From what I could find on the internet,
which wasn't much,
she was manufactured in 1901 or 1902
 by the U. S. Glass Company

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The pattern name is 

Stunning details with
Gorgeous Ruby Flashing

and in perfect condition!

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Just in time for a Valentine Tea Party !

Image how she'll look holding a
 Red Velvet Cake.
I know just the recipe I'm going to make.

This recipe comes from Young Adventures Kitchen (click on the Recipe Index Tab at the top of their home page).
Hop on over for a visit, so many recipes there and they're all sooo tempting and scruptious looking.  Drool!

Watch for upcoming details about my "Love Story" Valentine Linky Party Marathon.

Joining the fun at these parties: Vintage Thingy Thursday

Warm Hugs,


  1. Such a pretty cake plate and yes red velvet cake will be so lovely on top. Special hubby!

  2. He got you a keeper there! It is very pretty.

  3. What a great guy. He must really, really love you!

  4. A great gift! Kudos for your honey! I love it! I expect we'll be seeing it....

  5. That was a great find and buy your husband did for yu.

  6. Thanks for your sweet words BettyJean! I hope you love the cake! The cake stand is beautiful!

  7. Oh! What a pretty cake stand and what a great hubby! Look forward to seeing pics of it with a Red Velvet Cake on top. :)

    Happy VTT!

  8. Oh my what a pretty cake stand! Perfect for a red velvet cake which is my husbands favorite! Love your darling blog.

  9. I love it, especially the red. Just in time for Valentines. it is a real gem. Richard from My Old Historic House.


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