Sunday, February 23, 2014

My Hand-dipped Chocolate Truffles Ornaments Photo Tutorial

Hand-dipped chocolate truffles!!!!
It's always fun to guess what
the center filling will be....
vanilla buttercreme, chocolate buttercreme,
raspberry, caramel

but, these are nothing like that

they are fake!
just decorative ornaments,

and here's how I made them...

Begin with a styrofoam ball
and spread with drywall joint compound.
You really don't even need to coat  
the lower 1/3 if you intend to 
set your truffle in a candy cup as I did.

Let it dry a few hours
then lightly sand off any imperfections
(you may want to wear a dust mask).

Leave any swirls that
would lend give the appearance of the hand-dipped effect.

Wipe gently with a slight damp paper towel 
to remove loose dust.

Then for the fun creative part.
Paint with acrylic craft paints.

I used burnt umber for dark chocolate
and nutmeg for milk chocolate

Decorate each the top of each one
so as to reflect what the center
may hold.

I even sprinkled a little gold glitter on one.

Let dry and hot glue into a 
small pleated foil paper cupcake liner style cup.

Because I wanted to make my ornaments
to hang on a tree  (see that post here)
I bent a small piece of
wire and pushed it into the top of
the truffle with a dab of hot glue to hold it in place.

If you enjoyed this tutorial,
please leave a comment.

If you make any of these I'd love to see
them.  Just contact me,
I'd love to give you a Guest Post.

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