Monday, September 22, 2014

Soda Pop Festival

The Soda Pop Tasting Festival
was new to me.

A fun family-oriented afternoon
with music, food vendors, magic acts and
bouncy houses for the kids.

But of course the soda was the main attraction.

Volunteers stationed in 3 large tents
at the ready to pour
sodas for your tasting pleasure.

100 sodas to taste.

After sampling and giving the thumbs up,
or thumbs down, you could put together
your own 6 or 12 pack for purchase.

I gravitated to the fruity flavors,
limey Green River... creme...

Root Beer has always been one of my favorites
and there were several different brands
to taste and compare.

I also tried Chocolate Soda, yum :)

and my least favorite was
sorry,  for me bacon was a thumbs down.

I hope the Soda Pop Tasting Festival
makes its way to your town
sometime soon, maybe you'll find a 
new favorite.


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