Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween Decorated Tree

As you may know,
in the office where I work
we have a white Christmas tree
that we  I decorate for all occasions
year around.

As always, I purchase some
things to hang on the tree
but I enjoy crafting
many of the decorations myself.

To appeal to  all ages, I decorate
a "friendly" tree, 
no blood and gore, that's just not me,
and, we have a few little ones visit our office
from time to time, so
 for Halloween  we don't want to make things
too scary.

Traditional little jack-o-lantern pumpkin 
treat baskets,

mummy treat baskets

and the paper honeycomb pumpkins

all give a vintage feel 
and remind "grown-up kids"
of their own trick-or-treating days of yesteryear.

Also traditional, 
bats, black cats and witches. 

These are felt which I purchased,
but could easily be handmade cut from
either stiff felt or card stock.

I also hung little green glittered shoes
I purchased on discount after last Christmas season.
Not exactly "witches" shoes but 
I think you get the idea.
 I liked that it added a different color to the 
tree decor getting away from too much
orange and black.

Now for my handmade decorations.

Candy corn,
cut from three colors of craft foam sheets
and glued together, easy peasy!!

Haunted Houses
also hand cut from craft foam sheets 
using a Exacto-knife.

Spiders... these are my favorite...
made from "fuzzy sticks" pipe cleaners,
two sizes of pompoms for their body,
and very tiny pompoms for the eyes 

Use 4 fuzzy sticks for the legs.
Just hold them together side by side with ends even
and give a twist in the center to connect.
Now you have 8 legs.
Then bend each leg, forming sharp corners
for "knees and feet" and
spread the legs out from each other a little.

To form the body and head,
hot glue a larger and smaller pompom together,
use two tiny pompoms for eyes.
Then hot glue the body onto where
the legs are twisted together.

Cute as spiders go, 
don't you agree?!

Spider webs
made from more black "fuzzy sticks"

and purple "glitter sticks" pipe cleaners.

Start out the same as with the spider legs
but using just use 3 pipe cleaners.
Give a twist in the center to connect
and spread out to form 6 spokes
or a pie shape.
Then twist and connect smaller
sections of pipe cleaner between
the spokes and shape.
It doesn't have to be perfect....
it's a spider web.

The tree is topped off with a black hat
and orange glittery tulle bow.

 how the tree lights  shine through the 
sheer fabric of the hat/bow.

Happy Halloween to all.

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  1. What a happy and fun tree! Must be great to see such a festive tree with change with each season.
    Blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse


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