Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Best Dad

Not only is my husband a great person and husband,
he's also the Best kind of Dad.

Right from the start he wanted to be involved...

took off time of work to be home when the 
babies came home from the hospital.

He enjoyed giving baths, changing diapers, everything.

Playing Hide and Seek was everyone's  favorite.
He would hang the blankets on the side of the crib
so he couldn't be seen.

Then made sounds until they found him.

Later it became a routine to 
take a bike ride in the evening after we'd eaten.  
Me, being the stay at home mom, 
needed a break about then,
so off they went on their ride while I cleaned up
and loaded the dishwasher. 


Happy Father's Day 
You're The Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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