Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ROSES!....More Frost on the Pumpkin..........

Okay, so here she is all dressed up......

I found a glittery gold tulle;
 I knew immediately that this is what I wanted for her roses.
Just a few to off-set all of the creaminess.

I didn't know that tulle would curl.....
I cut a narrow strip and pulled it against the scissor blade;

it curls just like gift wrap ribbon.....

Love It!!

So what do you think? 

or No Roses,   as she was in my previous post?

I'm joining:

Coastal Charm for

 "What's Up Wednesday"  at

My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia,



  1. Haha...i change my opinion (is that good English?)
    With those lovely roses it is just perfect.

  2. thanks for the tip with curling tulle- I didn't know it did that either!

    thankyou for your comment...I was so surprised to see the weasel, such a beautiful creature and I'm surprised she even attempted to catch it

    Have a good week Betty Jean


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