Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blue Moon Occurance

When you enter my kitchen, you will notice four casement windows that look out to a row of pine trees at the back of our property. Above which ,approx. 10 years ago when we moved into the house, we installed this shelving that spans the length of the four windows.

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I've collected vintagey items to display and

decorative pieces that go along with the country colors and  farmhouse theme of my kitchen and those featured in the pattern of the window topper fabric....roosters, bee hives, apples, etc.
 And see that milk bottle?...it's the rarest one in a collection belonging to my husband
Sunday about 2:00 AM we were awakened with a loud thunderous rumble and a tremendous crash......was it a storm?  had a tree fallen on the house?  was someone breaking into the house?
Upon investigation, this is what we found ....

The shelving had somehow just fallen off the wall

two of the three support brackets  had pulled apart,
although the part screwed to the wall was still securely attached to the wall,
the rest just fell away

crashing to the floor....including the very rare milk bottle!!
My husband was devastated. :(

my apple cookie jar...
One tin was left stuck to the ceiling  LOL!!!!!

After 10 years it just suddenly decided to let go????
I chalked it up to a Once in a Blue Moon event.
The moon doesn't actually appear blue.
The term Blue Moon is used when there is a 2nd full moon within the same 30 days.
Or, when there is a rare occurance.
Did you experience any Blue Moon events?
The next Blue Moon will be in 2015!!!
Warm Hugs, 

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  1. I'm so sorry about your shelf and all the beautiful collectibles. That's just heart breaking.


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