Saturday, April 12, 2014

Easter Eggs

After some inspiration from 
browsing the internet and
Pinterest, I wanted to
share my Easter Egg creations.

First, a decoupaged plastic egg
trimmed with jute twine, lace, and a tiny nest.

I found the perfect base to set it on
in this antique glass doorknob.


Next, this inspiration came from 

Unlike Carolyn, I didn't use real eggs.

It was quick and easy to paint up a dozen faux eggs.

I placed mine in a little nest that I fashioned out of
some grapevine that I had in my craft closet.

Also, I chose to keep the part of the
egg that I randomly cut off
and hot glued it to the back of the top 

Looks so cute anywhere.

Atop a silver candlestick holder...

Under a gutter wire cloche
which I also made...

Thanks for the inspiration Carolyn.

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Easter Hugs,

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