Sunday, June 29, 2014

Easy Patriotic Wreath

Welcome to my Tea Party.

Today I'm sharing a fun easy to make
wreath  suitable for any patriotic holiday.

Pour a cup of tea and let's get started.

Begin with a straw wreath
(or alternately, a pool noodle that is curled into a circle
and held together permanently with a
wood dowel inserted and hot glued into the inner hole;
I wrapped a piece of duct tape where
the ends of the pool noodle is glued
together for added security)

Wrap the wreath form in sections
using red and white colored yarn
as shown (representative of the
red and white stripes of the American Flag.

Wrap one section using navy blue yarn.
Apply white buttons on the blue section
using hot glue
to represent stars in the field of blue.

And you're done!!

Hang and enjoy the holiday.

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