Thursday, June 26, 2014

Paper Party Tablecloth 4th of July Bunting Tutorial

The Accordion aka Fan Fold

Can be used in a variety of ways 
and sizes
as can easily be seen when browsing 
online craft sites and blogs.

Love these Fall Leaves

Art paper accordion folded rosettes are used
to decorate handmade greeting cards,

Christmas tree ornaments

tiny rosettes decorate a paperclip

large ones make great party decorations.

For my window bunting 
I started with a paper tablecloth
from our super center.

I cut along the length of the tablecloth
 about 15 inches from the edge 
so it was very narrow and long
(approximately 5 or 6  feet in length).

With the piece of tablecloth that I cut
 I began to fold, fold, fold

I added a strip of poster board (or card stock)
in between the folds at both ends 
to give it some stability for hanging.

Along ONE EDGE I gathered a few folded sections
together and punched a hole in the center of the section
about 1/2 inch from the edge.

but first I strengthened the paper
by applying a small strip of tape where
the hole would be.

Then I threaded a hinged ring 
through the holes.

Open it up and Voila!!
a Bunting ready to be hung.

See the hinged ring in the very center
and how the ends are straight
stiffened by the card stock between the end folds.

To hang I applied 
several  1 inch squares of velcro
hook & loop tape to the window frame
and to the bunting.

I love how this looks in my office 
reception desk window.

I'll be watching for cute paper tablecloths
for other holidays....maybe Halloween...
orange, black and yellow stripes or checks 
with candy corn and jack-o-lanterns 
or black cats would be fun!!

sharing at these parties:

and Ivy and Elephants

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