Saturday, April 18, 2015

My Paper Flag Bunting for Spring

I think it's safe to say now that
Spring has "finally" Sprung!!

Outside temperatures have been rising 
and I love hearing the birds chirping and singing
when I go out in the morning
in contrast to the dark sleepy silent winter mornings
of the last several months.

...and we've had a few of those 
"April Showers"  recently.

I was inspired to try my hand at
making a flag bunting.  I see them everywhere now.
There are so many online for any number of

So here goes....

 First I cut flags from art paper.
I chose the square shape rather than triangles.

Packets like this make choosing
coordinating or complementary patterns easy.

I wanted to put words on my flags
and  wanted something 
to make the words stand out.

I thought of plain white square labels.
But then thought paper doilies would be reeaally cute.

Thinking 4 inch doilies may be too big
for my little flags. I began searching online
to see where I could purchase doilies smaller
than 4 inches in diameter.
Then I thought why not just use an image
of a doily.
So I found an image online and added my text.

I edited out the black background to save on ink.

After printing I cut out each doilie with a 
decorative (pinking type) scissor
then just glued the doilies onto my flags.

I had some dollarstore clothesline 
on hand from a previous project.

Folded the flag over the clothesline
and taped into place.


Happy Spring to you all.

To see where I hung this bunting,
click here.

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