Sunday, March 21, 2010

Diaper Cake Tutorial

So......after a couple of days with temperatures in the upper 60s.....Spring apparently HASN'T Sprung after all and it snowed most of the day Saturday..... :o(
I decided to stay in and make a Diaper Cake as a gift for a new mom I know. This is her first, a little boy. Here's how I did it:

I chose to use Pampers Swaddlers New Baby size 2 (for babies 12 - 18 lbs)

I rolled each diaper so that the decorative band is on the inside. And secured with a small clear hair rubberband.

I positioned 7 rolled diapers around a paper towel tube. (with previous diaper cakes I wrapped the paper towel tube with white tissue paper just to give it a more finished look, I forgot to do that with this one however.)
I find that it's helpful to contain the diapers so they're not falling and rolling all over the place. I have a 6" cake pan that works nicely to hold the diapers in position while I secure them with a curling ribbon. Moving to a larger 8" pan, I position another row of diapers around the first. And again secure it with a curling ribbon. And so on, you get the idea. Clear plastic plant trays in the 6" 8" and 10" diameters would be another (inexpensive) alternative.

The finished "cake" is an impressive three tiers. The top tier consists of 7 rolled diapers around the tube. The middle tier has 2 rows of diapers-- 7 rolled diapers around the tube and another row of 12 around those. The bottom tier has 3 rows of diapers-- 7 rolled diapers around the tube, 12 around those and another 19 ? (oops, I lost count)around those.
The "cake" is now ready to decorate.
I picked up a few baby necessities that will fit well on the blue, of course, this is for a little boy baby.

Decorative fabric ribbons cover the existing curling ribbon which hold the diapers secure.
Then I use another narrow curling ribbon which matches the fabric ribbon over that and is somewhat invisible. This one I can tie all the little goodies to.

(UPDATE:  I have since, learned that I don't need the extra "invisible" ribbon, for securing all the little goodies to,  rather I can simply slide out a single rolled diaper, tie the pacifier, bottle of baby wash, etc. to that individual diaper and slip is right back into much easier and the finished product looks much cleaner.)
I tuck in the brush & comb set.

And I rolled the baby washcloths to look like rosebuds and secured with those handy little clear hair rubberbands. Green plaid ribbon is tucked under the rubberband to resemble leaves.

A pair of booties are tied with curling ribbon at the ankle openings where daisies have been inserted, and then are tied to a rolled diaper to keep in
place on the cake.

A travel size bottle of baby wash and teether

A wire is placed around the middle of a small plush bunny then wound around a wooden skewer. I insert the skewer into the open end of the paper towel tube.

The bunny rests in a nest of yellow paper shreds next to a yellow washcloth rose with green plaid ribbon leaves.

A few paper shreds tucked in here and there, a pacifier and a center bow are the finishing touches. The whole thing fits perfectly on a 10" cardboard cake circle and will be placed in a clear cellophane bag, gathered at the top with more curling ribbon and it's ready for delivery. An attractive way to present some useful items. I hope she likes it!

Thanks for looking!
UPDATE:   See another of my diaper cakes here

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