Saturday, February 19, 2011

I've Just Received an Award!

Wow, I must say I didn't see that coming; I'm SOooo surprised and flattered!

Thank you Karen, for the compliment of being awarded the "Stylish Blogger Award". Visit Karen, the "Idea Girl" at Karen's Ideas Galore when you click here-- .

This is going to be a bit of a challenge.....I must share 7 things about myself? I was sure I'd already bored you all enough with my lengthy About Me profile.

1. Well..... I do have a tendency to procrastinate, so this may take a few days,.... HaHa.

2. I love fresh cut flowers and dream of having a beautiful blooming garden,......but, eventhough working in the garden is very enjoyable and thereapeutic...........

3. I've never really been a sunworshiper. When the heat and humidity of the mid-west soar and things get sticky and sweaty, I head for the AC.

4. I just can't imagine Christmas without a little snow, but there again, I'm just not into extreme temperatures and you won't find me out on the slopes or cruising along in a snowmobile. Building a snowman with my kids when they were young is more like it, then quickly back inside for some hot chocolate! Check out this Snow Horse we made one year.........

5. And water sports/ that really freaks me out!!! I never learned to swim and, although my mother has no recollection of it, I'm certain I almost drowned in the bathtub once when I was a child; maybe that explains my water phobia.

6. Since I've begun blogging it's not often that I'm without my camera, a gift from my family on my last birthday; my kids tell me I'm obsessed with taking photos.
7. My husband and I both enjoy cooking. We're always trying to analyze foods we enjoy eating at restaurants and then experiment to see if we can make them at home. Practice makes perfect as they say. The Olive Garden's Chicken Vino Bianco was a family favorite. When the menu item was discontinued, my husband was able to master it and now we enjoy it at home whenever the mood strikes. My husband's favorite dessert at Olive Garden was the Lemon Creme Cake. This was our biggest challenge but after several attempts that were "good", but just not "It", I can now confidently say that I Have Perfected It! And in fact, my daughter visited Olive Garden one evening and called home to see if she should get a cake "to go" to bring home with her. Remembering the lone piece in the freezer at the time, I told her to get just 1 piece and we'd have a blind taste test. The votes revealed either no real difference or they liked mine slightly better! Yay!!
So there you have it........a bit more trivia in the life of BettyJean.
Now it's my pleasure to have chosen those listed below as the next recipients of the prestigous Stylish Blogger Award. Some are very new to blogging and some have been around a little while but are still relatively unknown as I have chosen to award those with fewer than 200 followers. Won't you please click to visit as many as possible and leave an encouraging comment before continuing on to the next blog.

AND THE.................

GOES TO...............

1. Hayley, a blogger located in the UK at Hayley Makes It. Check out her fab shoe designs
2. Robin at Once Upon a Pink Moon .
3. Vee at Thistle Creek Cottage at her lovely quilting/sewing related blog.
4. Cleo at Designs by Cleo . See her sweet Easter Nut Cups.
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6. Queenie's Vintage Finds and Treasures
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8. Lynn at Antiques for Today's Lifestyle . See how she decorates with her vintage finds.
9. Suzan at A Mare of a Different Color You won't want to miss her lovely glass charm necklaces!
10.Loree at Country Lane Cottage
11. Connie at Cabin Fever Primitives
12. Pam at White Ironstone Cottage . Pam has a love of white ironstone. Join her in her travels to find more pieces for her collection or to sell in her soon to open store.
13. Sunny Simple Life--Take a tour of her 50s style kitchen with pretty red accents!
14. A Shabby Moment in Time . Mmmm I love shabby eye candy.
15. Shelly at Romantic Mossy Rose . Shelly is a new blogger so won't you please stop by and welcome her to blogland!

Congratulations to you all and keep up the good work!
Rules for accepting the award are as follows:
1. Thank and link back to the person (or people) who awarded you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.


  1. Hey Betty Jean
    It's so nice to meet you...thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I love your blog it's just beautiful and congrats on recieving your surely deserve it. Thank you for passing the beautiful award my way, I will hold it close to my heart, it means a lot to me. I will be back to visit with you again soon and will be looking forward to it :)

    Big hugs,

  2. Love, love, love the snow horse! Congrats again!

  3. Congratulations Betty Jean!
    You have a gorgeous blog and I can't wait to read more. I found you through Karen. I'm your latest follower. Happy Tuesday.

  4. Thank you so much for the award. You have a lovely blog and I have enjoyed going thru your posts. Isn't blogging the best? You get to chat with so many wonderful women doing this. Congrats on your award.

  5. Thank you so much for the award. I just saw it today. I have had so much that came up that I had been away for awhile. I am new to the blogging world and have lots to learn. How do you link back? Hugs


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