Thursday, February 3, 2011

Living in a Winter Wonderland with 18" of Snow

We ended up with 18" of snow on the ground from a snowstorm that started Tuesday afternoon and lasted all night.
We are living in a winter "wonder"land with alot of people "wonder"ing...... "Wonder" how I'm going to dig out my car?..... "Wonder" what the road conditions are for driving?..... "Wonder" if I will be able to get home from work?

This was the scene from my front door Wednesday morning.

The snowblower was buried coming up the front walk.

A heavier duty snowblower was needed for the driveway.

I think I'll just stay put for awhile and visit my blogland friends!

Hope things are cozy in your neighborhood.

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  1. Thank you for visiting and becoming a follower. I hope you stop by often and feel free to leave a comment if you like. I hope some of that snow has melted, at least you have the right equipment. Have a great day and week.


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