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To Have and To Hold LOVE STORY Linky Party Guest Post #7--Nancy @ Nancy's Tidbits

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Guest Post

Today's Guest Post is from
Nancy has 2 new loves in her life...
...a, somewhat recent, precious new granddaughter!
And more recently she is busy with the wonderfully exciting,
 sometimes overwhelming I'm sure, task of
decorating a new home in central Iowa.

Understandably, she has chosen
to take a little blogger vaca from her Nancy's Tidbits Blog.

But, she has started a new blog called
The Durant House
where she will chronicle the
process of designing/decorating her new home!
Go here to see more.

 Additionally, you can view her Pinterest page  Here
Nancy has graciously agreed to share her
Love Story with us today. 
I think you'll find it has a bit of an
unusual twist.
I know you'll want to continue reading.

Thank you Nancy!!

It was New Year’s Eve, 1979
and I was visiting a college friend
at her rural eastern Iowa home.
Our plans for celebrating the new year
involved going to her then boyfriend’s home
(now her husband)
for a New Year’s Eve Party.
That in itself might not sound odd.
However, his home was an apartment
on the second story of the
funeral home where he worked.
When my girlfriend and I arrived at the party,
there were a lot of people there
(just counting the live bodies that is).
 Many of us sat down at a table to play a game.
Seated near me was this young man named Larry
who caught my eye because of how nicely he was dressed.
 Long story short,
we ended up hanging out the rest of the evening
and as they say, it was 
“Love at First Sight”.

Here we were back in 1981
Years later, my beloved Larry wrote
 a little poem about how we met.

 It goes like this:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I met you at the funeral home
and I’ll say good-bye there, too.

Our wedding, August 22, 1981

Thank you Nancy for sharing your story!

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  1. Thanks for posting my story, Betty Jean! It was fun to participate!


    1. I was delighted you could join me! Thank you for sharing!


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