Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Red Burlap Heart Wreath for the Valentine Holiday

A pretty little red burlap wreath
hung on a white shutter was my inspiration.
Found  here

My wreath needed to be much larger 
to fit the wooden frame I intended to hang
on my wall.
So I used 2 wire clothes hangers as my 
wreath frame by cutting off the hooks and
bending each hanger into a half heart shape;
then twisting the two halves together
at the center top.

The bottom was left open
for weaving the burlap onto it.

I purchased 2 yards of burlap.
Then cut the entire length of the 2 yards of the fabric 
into strips each measuring 5 inches in width.

This was easy to do by measuring
5 inches from the edge of the fabric
(making sure the fabric is cut straight to begin with),

Then pull out a thread 
to be used as a cutting guide like this...

First pick up a thread with a skewer,  
knitting needle or awl.

Then pull it and ease it out.

See the line where the thread is missing 
in the photo below?

 I measured over another 5 inches and
pulled that thread for my next cutting line,
and so on.

After cutting the strips apart, I
pulled off 4 or 5 threads on both side of the strip
to give some interest, not just a hard edge.

Next, fold each strip in half lengthwise
(frayed edge to frayed edge) 
 to find the center thread
and pull that thread out as well.

This is where you will weave the strip onto the wire.
Just weave under and over as shown below
about every 1  -  1  1/4 inches.  
By following the thread line, the burlap
strip will be perfectly centered on the wire.

Pulling all those threads does make quite
a mess with lots of lint flying everywhere!

There was a dusting of red covering everything
including the floor.  
There was a layer of red on the bottom of my socks.
I felt like my beauty consultant daughter had done
a hair cut leaving it fall to the floor and I 
was walking in it.
So some dusting and sweeping was in order
(and a change of socks).  I found that
it was best to collect it all up with a dry dusting cloth.
When wiping with a wet paper towel, 
the red dye from the fabric left a 
stain on some painted surfaces
which was difficult to remove.

Then I just looped a length of
jute upholstery webbing around the
wreath to hang it from the frame.


  1. Turned out super cute! I'd love if you linked this to my party, Share Your Cup Thursday.

  2. it's lovely! I invite you to share at my Thursday hop ( you can link up through Sat midnight) Hugs!

    1. Hello Katherine, thank you for stopping and commenting so I could find you, I'm linking up now and going back to read more posts. There are so many great looking ones. Hugs,

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  5. Love the pretty red heart wreath!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

    What would we do without those rental storage sheds, right???


  6. I love the burlap valentine you shared at Fabulous Friday Party last time, stop by again and share another pretty project


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