Sunday, February 1, 2015

It's a Winter Wonderland in the Midwest

This is the scene looking down the street
from my living room window.
It's still snowing and isn't expected to stop
for another several hours.

Looking out the front door.
My little wrought iron set is under cover of the
front porch entryway.

The front walk is not visible.

My back deck.

My kitchen door to the deck.

These lower tree branches are bending to the ground 
with the weight of the snow cover.

Birds and squirrels are gathering 
for a bite of breakfast in the 
trees out kitchen window.

Just one little squirrel so far this morning.

I toss some peanuts out the window.

He grabs a peanut and enjoys eating it
on a branch higher up out of the snow.

Do you see the Flicker on the tree trunk?
It's hard to see from here but they are
identifiable by the red spot on the back of their head.
Just click on any picture to enlarge.

We have bird feeders hanging from the overhang
over the kitchen windows.

A Nuthatch enjoys some suet.

Time to clear some snow;
our son clears our driveway.

Oh good, I see a plow truck in the distance
hopefully it will be coming up our hill.

The neighbors across the street
are digging out their cars.

Hope you are warm and well where you are.

Warm Hugs,


  1. Great photos!
    It's coming out way....We are supposed to get 8-10+ inches by tomorrow morning...

    1. Gas up your snow blower and stock the fire wood. Stay in and just look out at how pretty it is. They've upped the prediction to 16 inches for here. My inlaws who live across town have been out of power since morning. It was 60 degrees in their house so with some difficult (the streets aren't cleared) my husband and our son went over to get them firewood for the fireplace where they heated up some soup. They received an automated message from the power co. to expect power to be restored around 8PM .

  2. Boy Betty Jean, that is a ton of snow. Sure does look beautiful! We sure do need more here or we are going to be in trouble this summer. Record warm temps in upper 50's and 60's this week. I spent the entire afternoon out in the garden. Crazy for both of us!

  3. That is a prodigious amount of snow. at least it "looks beautiful." We have some but not nearly as much. And since we live on a fairly main road the plow truck comes by often. But the snowblowers have really been in steady use.

  4. Yes, it pretty much looked like that here when we had the 19.8" of snow, it's nice and sunny today and warming up a little. Your Millie pics are so cute, I miss our dachshund too, they're a great dog. Stay warm!


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