Monday, February 23, 2015

Salmon Patties 2 Ways

To make my Salmon patties...

From a sleeve of saltine soup crackers,
crunch 10 individual cracker squares into a mixing bowl.

Add 1 egg

Add a little finely chopped onion--approx 1 - 2 teaspoonsful
depending on how much you like onion
I feel it really does need at least a little onion so as not to 
taste too bland.

Fork beat the above 'til blended.

Then, again with your fork, 
stir in 1 can ready-to-eat Salmon
which you've drained and flaked with a fork 
and have removed or mashed
 any of the soft precooked bones.

If too dry to stick together 
you could add a small amount (1-2 tablespoons) of milk.

Shape into patties
I always shape by hand,
but my husband likes to use the press
so they're all uniform.

Press just enough that the pattie sticks together.

Smashing and squeezing it too much
will make a hard compact pattie.
Likewise you don't want to smash the patties down
with your spatula while cooking.

You want the patties to be as light as possible,
they might actually rise slightly as they cook in the pan.

Pour a circle of olive oil into the pan 
as it is heating and spread it out,
use just enough oil to keep the patties from sticking.
Oops, I may have a little too much here
as I was trying to snap the photo as I
was pouring.  
You really don't want to "deep fry" the patties, LOL. 

Cook covered on medium - med high heat.
I don't actually time them but since the
salmon is already cooked and ready to serve,
all  you really need to do is heat through enough
to cook the egg. So it seems like they
are done in a jiffy.

Turn once when the undersides are golden brown.

Hint: I find if they are not browned enough

they will stick and break apart
making it very difficult to turn.

When they are ready to turn they will 

slide very easily onto the spatula
unless of course your pan is too hot 
causing them to burn.

We love these served on hamburger buns
(I actually prefer Flat Rounds)
with lettuce and tomato;
and the "gotta have" for this is a
dollop of Dill Weed Veggie Dip spread on the bun.  
Salmon and dill is a great combination!!

Of course the classic way to serve is 
with creamed peas.

If you prefer, this recipe works well 
to bake in a loaf pan.

When you're short on time,
the patties work perfectly.


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Warm Hug,


  1. BettyJean, your salmon looks great! I love salmon patties, but never thought of creamed peas with them. Next time, I'll do that. Thanks!

  2. Thank you Pam, I hope you like them with the creamed peas. I grew up having it served like that, unlike my husband who still teases me about making this for him the first time I ever cooked for him. He thought it looked disgusting... but he had seconds! Hugs,

  3. My mom used to make these! Yours look so yummy,


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