Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Boar's Head Festival..........

Last evening our family attended "Boar's Head Festival" ........

.....A thrilling biennial musical medieval production.

My daughter is a member of the chorale choir and told us her choir was performing this weekend and asked us if we would like to attend. 
She has been in a number of choirs throughout high school and college so I assumed it would be pretty much like any other "concert" as the choir takes the stage and sings various holiday selections.

Boy was I wrong!

I couldn't even see my daughter as they were located in the back balcony of the massive church.

The accoustics were great......music was awesome, in addition to the chorale choir there was also a bell choir and an orchestra.

The preshow was medievel style music played with some sort of recorder flutes.

During the program the sanctuary was dark making it difficult to take photos without disturbing others around me so I had to restrain myself to only a few (no flash of course).

Spotlights followed the characters as they made their way from the back entrances down the center and both outside aisles.

There was audience participation.......large baskets of pretty decorated cookies were passed during the "Feast" scenes and we all got to eat. I got a really tasty gingerbread christmas tree with green sugar sprinkles.

At one point "beggers" made their entrance from all points including throwing ropes over the balconies and repelling down to the floor.....
they jumped off the stage into the audience walking over the pews between audience members as they begged for coins to be tossed into their pewter steins.
I was so stunned, eventhough I had my camera in my lap, I couldn't think fast enough what to do,
I tried to scoot over as he stepped between my husband and I, singing robustly in his robinhood attire shaking his cup at me....
I reached for my purse and my husband reached for his wallet,
I reached for my camera,
then quickly moved my sweater off the seat so he didn't slip on it falling off the seat......
 he was quickly gone, having climbed over to the pew behind us!

The Christ candle remained lit throughout the entire program.......

The Bethlehem scenes told the story
 of the birth of the Christ child
 with more great music
and a beautiful graceful ballet ........

Here is  Mary, Joseph and a 3 month old as the Christ child who was perfectly behaved and even slept some of the time.

Great traditional Christmas hymns with audience participation.......
I couldn't even hear myself singing the music was so joyful and overwhelming with all the audience, choir, orchestra....WOW!

I would definitely recommend going if you have the chance to attend a Boar's Head Festival.

Warm Hugs,

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  1. Wow! This looks and sound amazing! I wish I knew of one near me. I'd love to go.


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