Sunday, November 16, 2014

My Handcrafted Ornaments for the Thanksgiving Tree

When Halloween is over
some like to go
straight to Christmas.

But for me it's still a little early.

It's no wonder people complain of 
getting sick of hearing Christmas music 
when they start the day
after Halloween.

I like to observe Thanksgiving.
Fall leaf garlands and burlap
that gave way to Halloween decor
have gone back on my tree.

What says Thanksgiving more than
turkey and pumpkin pie!

Then there are pilgrims, cornucopias...

oh...and I saw these 
Indian corn on Pinterest
aren't they the cutest!?


Let me show you what I've been working
on to add the Thanksgiving element
to my office tree.

First I went to the Dollar Store and
purchased a package of paper party plates.
There were several with a turkey theme.
I chose this one....
I love everything about this turkey,
the shape, size, colors.

So, I just cut them out,
 punched a hole,
inserted a wire hanger 
and voile....instant tree ornament
...and 8 for $1.19 
what a deal!

They had to have some texture,
that woven look.
Oh... I know!
 one of those round placemats

I cut it into wedges like a pie.
Then to prevent fraying of the cut threads,
 I ran a line of hot glue along the edges.

I planned to curl the wedge into a cone.
But to get the narrow end to turn up like
a cornucopia I first applied another
line of hot glue and laid down a
piece of wire so it would be able to
hold it's shape.

So here's one after it's been rolled into
a cone, the seam along the top secured with
more hot glue 
and then shaped with the narrow end turned up.

A piece of foil leaf wire 
and a little glittered pumpkin

are just the finishing touches.

I love how they turned out!!

Perfect little tree ornaments for the 
Thanksgiving Season.

In my next post 
I'll share my
pumpkin pie ornaments.

Stay tuned....

Update:  See my next post here
to see how I made the pumpkin pie ornaments.


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  1. You can bet I am staying tuned! I love your ideas! I love Thanksgiving too and I like to give it a spotlight too before rushing off to Christmas! It's such a wonderful holiday. Have a great day! Maggie/Maggie's Lil' Fixins


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