Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pumpkin Pie Ornaments for the Decorated Thanksgiving Tree

Welcome back, 
thank you for "staying tuned"
for the follow-up to my
previous post here.

Today I'm showing you my 
Pumpkin Pie Thanksgiving Tree Ornaments.

I spent a whole dollar for a 6 pack of 5 inch foil pie tins
similar to these (mine weren't the deep kind,
nor did they come with lids).

I scoured our local super-center fabrics section and
decided on two fabrics that I
thought came close in color to pumpkin pie and
pie crust.

I like the little pattern on the pumpkin fabric, 
it gives it some interest.

I traced around the foil tin and cut it
a bit smaller in dimension.

I scrunched up a single plastic shopping bag
you know the ones...
I have a seemingly  endless supply of them...
and why waste fiber-fil when you can use
something that costs nothing.

Then ran a line of hot glue around the foil
tin and laid the "pumpkin" fabric in place.

Now for the crust.

After some trial and error, I found this to be
the easiest (and maybe the laziest, because 
there was no sewing involved).
Nevertheless, I cut a long narrow piece of
the pie crust colored fabric.

Twist two fuzzy stick pipe cleaners together
and roll them up into the fabric.
Shaped it into a long zig zag
and hot glue it around the edge of the foil tin.

There, all finished.

Mmmm....  I'm getting hungry already,
I can't wait for that Thanksgiving pumpkin pie.
Why do we only make it once a year????

Check back soon, 
I'll show you the Decorated Thanksgiving Tree
in my next post.

And I've added a little extra something
to this particular tree.

Until then,


  1. Wow! They are adorable! From the smaller picture I even thought they were REAL little pies, until I clicked. lol You picked the perfect pumpkin colored fabric I think!
    So creative!
    Erica :)

  2. This is such a cute idea! I have to make these! Can't wait to see the Tree! Have a wonderful weekend! Maggie

    1. Oh Thank you! It's such a nice compliment that I've inspired you to make them, I'd love to see yours. Please share.

  3. You could also use "Bias Tape" to make your "Crust" using the same method. The 2 pipe cleaners inside, roll, glue, zigzag shape & glue on the rim.

    1. Great idea, thanks for commenting Granilyn! BettyJean


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